Case Study Questions: In 1918 almost 675,000 people in the

Case Study Questions:  In 1918 almost 675,000 people in the US died from that flu, as of this writing the US has 485,000 deaths from Covid-19. Considering that before this pandemic has past the United States will have lost at least 500,00 people to this virus, even with the advancement of modern medicine. Answer the following questions with thoughtful insight. Always support your arguments with literature. 

  1. What similarities are there with regards to information/misinformation between both pandemics, and how do you feel it contributed to number of people who contracted these diseases and perished. Could or should anything have been done to manage these crisis’ better from an emergency management standpoint. 
  2. How did containment measures in 1918 compare/contrast with our initial Covid-19 containment measures. 
  3. How does social media of today contribute to stigmatization and disinformation. Are there similarities between the current stigmatization of Covid-19 vaccines today and that of Bayer Aspirin in 1918? If so how? And does disinformation contribute to such stigmatization. 

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