we have been building our Database using concepts of design


we have been building our Database using concepts of design and Structured Query Language (SQL). Now, your database should be ready to be deployed into action. This usually means the database structure and relationships have been thoroughly tested and everything functions as anticipated to begin the development of a Database Management Systems (DBMS) or Web pages (GUI) that will interact with it.

In the next couple weeks, you need to work with a database management system (DBMS) that will be your Graphical User Interface (GUI) for building and maintaining your database. Use this additional information on DBMS functions and resources as you complete your assignment.

This week, find and submit a database management system (DBMS) proposal for your final project. Choose a DBMS that you believe you will be able to execute during these last couple weeks. Your proposal must include the name and description of the DBMS (documentation and/or links). Include 1-2 paragraphs explaining why this DBMS interests you. Also, share a few challenges you anticipate by using the DBMS in your database project.

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