you will pick any career the easiest one you can

you will pick any career the easiest one you can do, I prefer Technology Carrer.

As part of the course, there is a required final project.

  • This project is for you to begin/continue researching potential career fields you are interested in pursuing. This final project is an opportunity to explore something that you are passionate about. Remember, career paths are not linear….they often look like a bowl of spaghetti…and that’s okay! I was determined to be swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii and perpetually smelling like halibut….but my focus changed and now here I am in my true calling.
  • How you decide to present that material to me is up to you…BE CREATIVE! If you would like to write a paper, great. If you want to tape yourself giving a presentation-fantastic. If you want to make a Glogster (online poster)-wonderful. If you want to do a taped skit-superb. I am completely open to anything, as long as I can access it, it covers the required information and it’s your own work.

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