Choose a topic you can cover well in about 15


Choose a topic you can cover well in about 15 – 20 minutes. Prepare! You must be well versed in your topic as you will get questions from your peers. The presentation should include at least 3 learning objectives included in an organized, thoughtful teaching presentation outline to hand out to your audience (can either be in outline format or a PPT outline). You will need a visual (such as PPT, Kahoot!, quizzes, handouts, etc.- cannot solely include a pre-made visual such as a YouTube video). 

Develop an approximate timeline to organize yourself and to assure you cover your content and answer any questions within the time allowed. Be prepared for your presentation. Presenters will be randomly chosen; Please be ready when called to avoid losing points. 

Powerpoint- Dementia


Presentation   Outline 

(Includes 3 learning objectives, proper grammar & spelling,   clear outline/easy to follow, visual and Reference list in APA) 


Implications   for Nursing (content must be covered in Funds and related to nursing   practice, include topics such as patient safety, nursing priorities, nursing interventions,   etc.)

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