Program and Portfolio Management Strategy in Your Organization! In this


Program and Portfolio Management Strategy in Your Organization!

In this discussion, complete the following:

  • Analyze the communications and human resources strategies in your organization, relative to program and portfolio management, that you may have encountered and describe each strategy’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Describe the details of the strategy in terms of the following domains:
    • Strategic alignment.
    • Governance.
    • Portfolio performance.
    • Portfolio risk management.
    • Communications management.
  • How is communication important in program and portfolio management, considering diverse cultural environments?



In Project Portfolio Management Strategies for Effective Organizational Operations:

  • Read Chapter 5, “Preparing the Organization for Portfolio Management: Overcoming Resistance and Obstacles,” pages 119–152.
  • Read Baptestone, R., & Rabechini, R. (2018). Influence of portfolio management in decision-making. Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management, 11(3), 406–428.
  • In Project Management Institute. (2013). The standard for program management (3rd ed.). Newtown Square, PA: Author.
    • Read Chapter 8, section 8.1, “Program Communication Management,” pages 73–77.

Use the Internet to complete the following:

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