Each part should be several paragraphs to provide sufficient detail.


Each part should be several paragraphs to provide sufficient detail. Please use your own words and cite the text when providing definitions. For the introduction, you may use any scientific text or articles, as well as Food and Culture.

Parts A, B, and C require recent (less than 5 years, ago) peer-reviewed original research articles (not meta-analysis or review articles). You should have a minimum of 6 peer-reviewed articles and a minimum total of 8 references (including Food and Culture as one reference).

The body of the report should be a minimum of 1200 words and a maximum of 1500 words (excluding reference list). Use proper citations in the body of the report and a reference list with a consistent style (AMA, APA, Vancouver…etc.).
Separate your answers  substituting your particular ethnic group and religious group into the sub-titles and Intro, A, B, C. Two point deduction if sub-titles are not used. IMPORTANT – use subtitles I provided and double space with 12-point font and 1 inch margins.
How does food symbolize cultural identity? Provide examples using Food and Culture text and at least one other reference. (2 points)
Part A: Ethnicity* food habits and nutrition
Choose an ethnic-group and discuss their nutrition and food habits. Explain the need for cultural competency and its impact on this ethnic group’s health. Describe their traditional health beliefs and practices. In particular, how does their biomedical view influence their food choices for times of health and times of sickness?
(4 points)
Part B: Religion, dietary habits, and health
Choose a particular religious group (different from part A) and discuss how their religion influences their food choices and food habits. Describe the health benefits and health concerns the practices may cause.
(4 points)
Part C: Intercultural communication
Discuss the ethnic group in part A in terms of how you would develop intercultural nutrition education for your group by fully explaining the following questions (chap. 3 in Kittler/Sucher – Food and Culture).

When developing your intercultural nutrition education name a target audience within your ethnic group such as children (give age range), adults (give age range), children or adults at risk for or with a particular chronic disease, or older adults or your ethnicity (part A).

  • How would you develop your goals and what would they be?
  • How would you recruit? hat influence channels would you use – newspaper, video, computer, television, radio, direct mail, telephone – and why?
  • Explain how you would use triangulation to develop your method and test your materials. Be specific with the members and their roles. 
  • What elements would you use for the message (story-telling, pictures, cartoons) and how does it relate to your group?
  • How would you test if your intervention worked? You want to test if they made the behavior change. (Hint: provide an example of three questions you would ask on a survey before and after the program was over)

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