Please follow the links and view the three videos on


Please follow the links and view the three videos on negotiations. Address the bulleted items in 150 to 200 words or more. Use additional research to support your answers and remember to cite your sources. Then respond to at least two classmates posts.

The purpose of this discussion is learn about the basic concepts and pitfalls of international negotiations. Your answers should be logical and use standard English grammar and spelling in your posting.

Base you post on the following:

•  What do you think are three big mistakes an international negotiator can make when negotiating in a different country?

•  If your boss tells you to lighten up the mood in the room and you know humor can create pitfalls what might you do? (you can be culture specific)

•  Describe a brief scenario where you had a cultural miscommunication and what was the result?


Humor and culture in international business | Chris Smit | TEDxLeuven

International Business – American Slang Hurts International Negotiations

International Business – Mistakes Americans Make with World Cultures

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