Week 6 Written Assignment Application Exercise 3: Using your Office


Week 6 Written Assignment

Application Exercise 3: Using your Office book’s Excel chapter and learning videos, complete three Excel exercises in the attachment below. Submit one Excel file (in it will be three separate sheets) for grading.

EXCEL Week 6 Assignment.pdf EXCEL Week 6 Assignment.pdf – Alternative Formats  

Click on the link directly above entitled “Week 6 Written Assignment (Application Exercise 3)” to submit your Week 6 Written Assignments (Application Exercise 3) to receive a grade.  You will submit only 1 workbook with each of the three exercises on separate sheets in the same workbook. You have 3 chances to upload your assignment, return to check the SafeAssign score, make corrections if needed, and press START NEW for the next upload.  When you are satisfied with the last upload, stop submitting.  The last submission will be graded.  When you select START NEW, you will lose access to the previous versions and their SafeAssign scores.  So, copy these if you need them while you are making corrections.

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