nstruction Hi this writing is a reflection research writing paper



Hi this writing is a reflection research writing paper on the topic we chose about development which mine is “Decent Work and Economic Growth ” the reflection paper of this topic has to connect the topic “Decent work and Economic Growth” with development by it self and also how it relate with women’s part in development which are topics we have covered in class. You can use any of or different parts of the continents or countries to compare and explain different things that you want to say about development based on the topic Decent Work and Economic Growth which is also among one of the 17 sustainable goals by the United Nations. The paper is double spaced 10 pages and use your own sources that are credible( make sure to use good sources), the sources can range from 5-7 as you wish.

Note:- The rubric is below but I’ll attach the file for the rubric if needed. The topic I chose as I mentioned above is “Decent Work and Economic Growth “.

This is the comment from the instructor after he approved my topic:- “ Great topic. Be sure to clearly define what “decent work” is.” Interested to see what you find.”


The final project is designed to dig deeper into a development topic of your choice while relating it to the material we have discussed in class. Students will be asked to write a 10 page (double-spaced, 12 point font) paper covering three sections as outlined below. The paper should include citations from outside reputable resources and be listed in a bibliography at the end of the paper. All papers must be submitted to Canvas by 11:59 PM M.S.T. on August 5th. No late papers will be accepted.



Points Possible



Describe the historical and social context of your issue. Provide background information that is relevant in understanding the current state of the issue. Should you choose to be interested in examining a specific geographic region, provide information specific to this area. Who is affected by it? What is the size and scope? How does this issue affect other social spheres. (3 page minimum)


Solution Mapping

Who is working to solve the problem? What development approaches are they implementing? What has worked/ has not worked? What networks and resources exist that could further address the issue? What role does the private, public, and social sector have in providing solutions to the issue. What other possible solutions do you think would be most effective? (3 page minimum)



Based on the course content, what development paradigms or approaches are related to your issue? Cite specific course material (readings, lecture, etc.). Have your perspectives on development changed over the course of this class? What have you learned about development from researching this issue? How might this class further inform your future academic/professional career? (3 page minimum)



Meets the following requirements: 9-10 page limit, double-spaced, 12-point font, includes outside and course material with proper in-text citations, bibliography, minimal grammar mistakes

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