Watch the video case study found in the Learning Resources.


  • Watch the video case study found in the Learning Resources.
  • Then, consult the Learning Resources and/or go to the Walden Library to find information related to interventions for this type of client or problem.
  • Use this information to help develop an individual or family treatment plan for the identified client (Amy, Mrs. Bargas, or Bargas family) with whom you have chosen to work from the case study.
  • For help with this assignment, refer back to the Library recommendations in Week 3.
    • Helpful tip: Try other keywords including: 
      • treatment programs 
      • intervention 
    • Try using the AND and OR connectors. For example: 
      • drug addiction OR drug abuse OR substance abuse OR drug use 
      • senior citizen OR older people OR elderly OR aging 
      • intervention AND alcoholism 
    • Learn more about AND, OR, and NOT (Boolean operators) in the guide below. 

By Day 7

Write a generalist treatment plan that includes all of the following:

  • Identify the client.
  • Describe the problems that need to be addressed.
  • Explain how you would work with the client to identify and prioritize problems.
  • Identify the related needs based on the identified problems.
  • Describe how you would utilize client strengths when selecting a strategy for intervention.
  • Identify at least two treatment plan goals.
  • Create at least one measurable objective to meet each goal.
  • Explain the specific action steps to achieve objectives.
  • Describe what information is important to document in a treatment plan, and explain why.

Submission and Grading Information

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