Watch the video, entitled: ‘Fed Up’ With Sugar: Katie Couric’s

Watch the video, entitled: ‘Fed Up’ With Sugar: Katie Couric’s 10-Day Challenge . For the next three days you are to take the “Fed-Up Challenge” AND keep a journal. During these three days, Prior to Covid 19 you would have been required to take a tour of a supermarket and include your observations of the supermarket visit. Since this may be difficult or impossible for many of you to do you will be required to note the food commercials shown on TV instead. What show were you watching and who is the targeted audience? What types of foods are advertised? How often are the commercials shown? What time of day are they shown? Next, research (Google is fine) 3 of the foods advertised for the ingredients and nutrition facts.  Finally, create a PowerPoint slide presentation (no less than 5 slides) focusing on the results of YOUR 3 day sugar challenge, your food commercials analysis, and a 3-4 paragraph reflection of the assignment. Has this assignment brought to light any new ideas about the way you eat? If not why?

***This assignment is due in week 10.

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