Hirsch and Lilly dated briefly. Unbeknownst to Hirsch, Lilly got

Hirsch and Lilly dated briefly. Unbeknownst to Hirsch, Lilly got pregnant. She knew Hirsch was the father because she was not intimate with anyone else. When Lilly gave birth, she told Hirsch (via text) about the baby.  Lilly had the baby and after two months decided it was best to give the baby to an adoption agency so a family could raise the baby.  At that time, Lily told Hirsch of her plan to place the baby with an adoption agency. Hirsch texted  Lilly in response: “Go for it.”   During the two-month period, Hirsch sent Lilly some baby clothes and diapers.

Lilly began the process to place the baby and completed the paperwork. A wealthy couple adopted the baby. Now, one day after the adoption was completed,  Hirsch is objecting. Hirsch wants to raise the baby.

Read this case regarding adoption:

In re Adoption of Baby E.A.W (You can also find it on Nexis Uni, where you can learn more about whether other courts rely on this case.)

Write a memo (2-3 pages) to your supervising attorney that answers the following questions:

– What happened in In re Adoption of Baby E.A.W?

– Does the case (or another case that you found through legal research) help you determine if Hirsh can undo the adoption?

– Do you agree with the outcome of the case?  Why or why not?

– Who in the case was looking out for the best interests of the child involved?

– Does the law that was applied need to be changed?  

-What should Lilly have done differently?

-What if Hirsch was unemployed and was previously incarcerated for selling drugs. Would that change your decision?

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