Question #1 The topic Big Data has attracted research interest


Question #1

The topic Big Data has attracted research interest in the information systems literature. What is Big Data? How is Big Data different from other data? What ways Big Data is used for business innovation? How is Big Data related to Business Intelligence?  State some interesting and important research questions about either Big Data or Business Intelligence or both.

Note: Answer all of the above questions as independent question. Please don’t club

Question #2

  Find at least two peer reviewed articles on each stream from any journal (preferably IS or Computer Science or any Business Administration discipline related journal i.e. Marketing, Management, etc.). Describe the findings of each study. More precisely, (a) how do the predictor variables influence the predicted variables? (b) What is the practical contribution(s) of each research? (c) How could future research extend the theory put forward in each of the research you have included in your answer?

You can use portals like Google Scholar, Web of Science, JSU Library Search, etc. to find articles on peer reviewed journals. Please include a Reference section at the end of your answer section. Use API guidelines to create the reference for each of your sources.


1. Big data, machine-to-machine (M2M) analytics to improve product life-cycle management.

2. Big data in marketing, promotions, and social networking.

All together at least 7 pages.   

References are mandatory. 

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