Research and discuss the different types of electrical transformers. There


  • Research and discuss the different types of electrical transformers.

There are several different types of  electrical transformers such as step up/step down transformers, iron  core, ferrite core, air coil and many more.

Electrical transformers which are  magnetic devices that sends electrical energy from one circuit to the  next. The transformers produce magnetism which intern creates the  electricity. When the magnetism changes by movement or an alteration an  electrical force is produced. Faraday’s Law by Michael Faraday is the  reason why we have transformers because it describes how a magnetic  field with electric circuit  to produce force.

  • Research and discuss high power and low power transformer circuits.

The low voltage transformer are  normally found in appliances and smaller electronic devices. Then there  is higher voltage transformers which generates power between  facilities. 

  1. What are the main differences between step-up and step-down power transformers?

Step up transformer low voltage is  primary where as the high voltage is secondary, this is used for power  transmission, and the output of the voltage is greater than the source.

Step down transformer is mainly used  for power distribution (for big residential areas and businesses), the  secondary voltage is less than its primary and the secondary current is  more than the primary.

2. How does an audio transformer’s impedance alter a speaker’s load efficiency?

A loudspeaker needs to have the proper  current and voltage across it so it produces the right sound vibration.   The impedance specifications is when the output of one circuit or  device is connected to input into another device. This is important  because the impedance will match and convert higher output to drive a  low impedance speaker or device.

3. Where are center-tapped transformers used and what is the purpose of the center tap?

The purpose of the center tap is  essential play a pivotal role in even voltage and this helps regulate  the change of coil turn ratio. These are normally used in amplifiers for  signaling purposes.

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