For this discussion, you will pick a significant object. Your


For this discussion, you will pick a significant object. Your object could be a painting, a song, a dance, a photograph, a piece of art or craft made by a human. In academia, these significant objects are also referred to as artifacts – items we can investigate, describe, and analyze. Artifacts can be any objects that humans conceived of as art and deliberately crafted for practical or aesthetic purposes, or both. The only requirements are that your object have meaning for you as a student, and you must be comfortable sharing it with the class.

Post a two-part response.

Part 1

In the first paragraph, write 100-150 words

· Describe the image you selected from the Lascaux caves. Include the title, where in the caves the image can be found, and the approximate age. 

· If you were the artist, what message would you hope future viewers would get from your painting? Why would you have created the image?

· Describe your impression of the world the image portrays.

Part 2

In a new paragraph, write 100-150 words

· Describe your chosen significant object, including the artist or maker (if they are known to you), where the object can be found, and when it was made. If it is a painting or a photograph, describe the use of color, line, shadow, and style of the image. If it is a song, describe the melody, musical genre, performance. 

· Include an image or link to the object or medium.

· Explain how this object represents a part of your academic journey or connects to your professional goals for the future and what message it would convey about you as a Walden student to future viewers.

· Find at least one source that relates to your chosen significant object and explain how it is connected. You can find sources on the Walden Library, or by using a search engine like Google. Don’t forget to list the resource at the bottom of your post. 

o Ex. If the object is a quilt made by a family member, look up quilts or family gifts. Consider the bigger categories that your significant object falls within as areas to research.

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