Green (2013) described the leader as a “master juggler” (p.19).

Green (2013) described the leader as a “master juggler” (p.19).  Educational leaders deal with a variety of stakeholders including office personnel, board members, community members, faculty, support staff, students and parents.  Each of these groups has specific needs and requires that the leader take on a specific role: learner, manager, shaper of school/work culture, to name a few.  At times their roles may be independent, while at other times they may overlap.

After reading Chapters 1-3 of Robbins & Alvy (2014), write 2-4 well-developed paragraphs expressing which of the leader’s roles is most important (in your opinion) and why: Leader as Learner, Leader as Manager or Leader as Shaper of School Culture.  Provide evidence for your position from the course readings or other scholarly evidence.  Be sure to answer specifically for your desired leadership role (i.e. school principal, department chair, athletic director, leader in a business, etc).

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