Management in Healthcare I Discussion Topic: Review the Power Point

 Management in Healthcare I 

 Discussion Topic:

  1. Review the Power Point Presentation for Week 1 titled The Evolving Supervisory Role. (Please see attachment) 

2. Respond to the following two questions (minimum of 250 words total):

  • a. If you were in charge of hiring a supervisor for an outpatient clinic at a hospital, what characteristics would you be looking for in a prospective candidate? Identify at least three (3) qualities that you would consider essential in the ideal candidate and explain why they are important.
  • b. Who do you think would make a better supervisor in a medical setting–the person with previous management experience, but no knowledge of healthcare, or the person with extensive knowledge of healthcare, but no supervisory training or experience? Explain your rationale.

(minimum of 250 words total):

 Course Materials Required Text or E-Book: McConnell, C. (2015). The Effective Health Care Supervisor, 8th ed.Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. 

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