Growth and development: Developmental Assessment Assignment

Select a pediatric client from (infancy through adolescence). You may select an assigned client in clinical or a child in your community. Discuss your findings and include the following aspects of the child’s development in a 5-page written summary. Support your findings with references from your text, clinical manual and a current (less than 5year from publication) nursing journal article using APA style (6th Ed.). See Blackboard or contact college writing center or Librarian for help with APA. Do not include names of the children or parent or any of their identification information. Maintain the child and parent’s confidentiality. In your paper discuss the following:  Review of the child’s growth and development including physical, cognitive, developmental milestone achievements.

 Identify nutritional needs attainment of proper nutrition.  Discuss parent child interaction, communication and discipline; including play and recreational activities.  Identify and discuss any cultural implications on this child’s development.  Recognize child safety strategies use in the child environment or the lack thereof.  Compare and contrast the assessment findings  Discuss of variations from norm.  Identify a nurse intervention for each finding that will improve the client outcome. Please pay attention to your presentation, grammar and writing. Submit your paper to your clinical faculty by the due date. This is a graded course requirement

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