The effectiveness of a television commercial.

Write a rhetorical analysis in which you analyze the effectiveness of a television commercial. Introduction- one or two paragraphs A. Opening sentence or two that gives any historical background needed. B. Summarize the advertisement C. Transition sentence(s) from the summary to the thesis statement D. Thesis statement—target audience and why the ad is effective or ineffective. Body— several paragraphs Does the advertisement rely primarily on logos (logic, reasoning), pathos (emotion), or ethos (credibility)? How is this principle developed in the advertisement? Analyze the effectiveness of the advertisement with regard to the target audience. Is the advertisement effective, not effective, or somewhat effective? You might want to consider whether any potential audience is ignored.

Conclusion: Restate your overall evaluation of the advertisement. Does the advertisement make you want to buy the product or service? Or, does the public service announcement make you want to participate in the organization or service? Leave an impression on your readers. Example of body paragraph organization: Topic sentence regarding logic, emotion, or credibility Support for topic sentence from the ad. Explanation of how the ad illustrates the logic, emotion, or credibility principle Conclusion sentence – summarize your point and bring the reader back to the topic sentence.

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