The End of American World Order


As a book review essay, you must discuss the texts and offer your own commentary. This means that you must do two things: (a) summarize and critique the argument made The End of American World Order; and (b) provide your own analysis of world politics by answering the question above. The best papers will give approximately equal time to both components within the allotted word limit.

The paper must be between 1500 -2000 words, not including title page and bibliography (longer or shorter papers will not be accepted). You must with, and make reference to, the arguments outlined in;

The End of American World Order. Your book review must refer to at least five additional academic sources. An academic source is a book, or portion of a book written by a professor, a journal article in a peer reviewed journal, or a respected policy journal. In general, academic sources are held to a higher editorial standard of evidence and logic. Non-academic sources are acceptable and include newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other random stuff you find online. Nonacademic sources can be reliable, especially traditional media sources, but generally have lower editorial standards. This syllabus contains worthwhile academic sources but you are welcome to go beyond what is listed here 

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