Tthe Eastern Shawnee tribe of Oklahoma.

 For this final response paper identify one of the seven recurring themes of Native American identity and apply that theme to the readings this week about the Eastern Shawnee tribe of Oklahoma. (A) Identify and define the theme of focus (using course materials) for your paper and explain why it is important. (B) Draw from the course readings from this week to provide three (3) specific examples of your identified theme and (C) imagine how the theme will shape your work on the project you are assigned. In other words, how will knowing more about Native peoples from this survey of literature help you to offer a more culturally sensitive project? An excellent paper will: Demonstrate that the student carefully read the readings. Demonstrate that the student reflected on the readings and what the arguments say about a Native perspective of their human experience. Demonstrate that the student understands citational methods. Student provides detailed examples that are relevant to the prompt. Student has proofread their essay, followed the prompts carefully, that the essay is well-structured and relatively error-free. seven themes: language storytelling history community survivance nature spirituality

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