The next step in developing your organization profile is to determine the strategy and competitive position for your organization. Include the following information in your profile: • Perform a detailed assessment of your organization’s current business strategyand recommend specific actions to gain and sustaining superior performance in relation to your organization’s competitors. • Locate and review your organizations’s mission, vision, and core values. Review Global Strategy as Business Model Change. Then, apply what you have read to aid your evaluation of the strategic intent of your organization. • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. In addition, determine the core competencies your organization can build on to create competitive advantage in the global environment. Read Global Competitive Advantage. • Provide a clear picture of the organization’s operations (value chain), products, and position in the marketplace. Provide a summary of the core competencies, sales history, corporate structure, current leadership of the organization, and its global and domestic operations. When you have completed your strategy and competitive position assessment, continue to the next step, where you will develop the organization’s competitive strategy statement.


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