Designing a Secure Network

 Terrific Tools is a small garage start-up that quickly outstripped its ability to deliver, so Tammy and Joe Terrific created a crowdsourcing proposal that generated several hundred thousand dollars. The Terrifics immediately set about planning for a huge expansion that included selling their Terrific tools overseas. The first thing they did was to rent out a large warehouse space where the tools can be manufactured and an attached office space where the business office functions can occur. They plan to sell initially over the Internet, so they need sufficient Web resources to do that work. They would also like to hire salespeople to work remotely in Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. Their plan is to provide these salespeople with mobile phones and tablet computers, and to have them work out of their homes. They are planning to include GPS systems as part of outfitting the salespeople, with the goal of eventually using them to track mileage and work practices. Tammy and Joe are aware that they are in way over their heads, so they have hired you to help them get all of these technology issues solved, and get them up and running. Analyze a system design to determine if the design will meet system security requirements. Evaluate controls available to enhance the security of a specific system design within an international organization. Recommend appropriate mitigations that are optimal within an international organization to mitigate vulnerabilities discovered through functional testing. Explore the characteristics of an effective border security architecture within an international organization.

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