Virtualization Architectures

 Dana Clark is the CIO of a regional auto insurance company in the Midwest. She has been asked to slash her IT budget by 20 percent, in an unprecedented austerity move by the company. Currently the company has local offices in 20 locations around a five-state area. Each of these offices houses an office manager, an IT person, a dozen insurance agents, and their clerical support. The home office, located in Ames, Iowa, contains a similar contingent of employees with the addition of accounting, payroll, and HR staff, as well as the executive suite and their support staff. Dana has made the decision that the optimal way to reduce her budget in this substantial fashion is to convert the network to a virtualized environment. She has hired you to explore the virtualization architecture options that are available to the company, and the security implications of making such changes. Describe the fundamental concepts of virtualization. Compare and contrast different virtualization architectures. Analyze the optimal design using virtualization within the network of an organization. Explore the security benefits and challenges created through the use of virtualized environments within an organization.

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