PERS 2002 Animal-Assisted Therapy – The Human-Animal Bond and Its

Midterm Exam (60 points – weighted percentage of grade – 16%):

The midterm exam will cover the course materials presented in Units 1 and 2 that are noted on the course calendar. The midterm exam will be essay format. PURPOSE: Animal-assisted therapy is an emerging field in the mental health profession. Research indicates that animal-assisted therapy provides physical, physiological, and psychological health benefits to our health and well-being. The purpose of this midterm is to explain and reflect upon the role animals play in humans’ lives and to discuss effective animal-assisted therapy programs and the benefits to specific populations.


The task of this midterm exam is to compose an essay that gives a review of the following information:

1. The history of animal-assisted therapy; 2. Health benefits (physical, physiological, and psychological) of animal companionship and animal-assisted therapy; 3. Populations which can especially benefit from animal-assisted therapy (who and why) 4. Successful animal-assisted therapy programs in the United States (discuss three programs) pertaining to canine and equine therapy; 5. Types of animals that are used in animal-assisted therapy, including temperaments that are needed for each type of animal to be a successful therapy animal; 6. Ethical issues that are addressed for professionals, participants, and animals. 7. Discuss a specific area of interest for you in animal-assisted therapy. Explain your area of interest, why it is of interest to you, what populations can benefit from your area of interest, and in what ways populations can benefit from your specific area of interest.

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