Two articles about whether governments and banks should have the right

Read the following two articles about whether governments and banks should have the right to collect and sell private citizens’ data. The first source is RT, a media platform funded by the Russian state government; the second source is In These Times, a progressive activism journal based in Chicago. These are two sources that present alternative viewpoints of the same topic. Neither presents factually inaccurate information, but both are biased in ways that may influence the content or presentation of information. As always, it is important to consider the sources from a critical perspective as you respond to the demands of the prompt. Both articles discuss the benefits and drawbacks of collecting data, but the manner in which they present this information is very different. Write an essay that analyzes how each author develops this argument and the overall strength of each.

In your analysis, evaluate the use of ethos, pathos, and/or logos; style, word choice, and tone; and the author’s purpose. Remember to use textual evidence from both texts to support your analysis. The paper should be 750 words long – Private License Plate Scanners Amassing Vast Databases Open to Highest Bidders From RT, March 6, 2014, https://www.license-scanners/ – ho Has the Right to Track You? By David Sirota, In These Times, March 7, 2014,

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