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Senator (the instructor will assign you a senator). The following questions will help you to organize your paper. 1. What were the major steps in the Senator’s political career that led her to the Senate? 2. When was she first elected to the Senate? 3. What committees in the Senate does she serve on and in what capacity? 4. What specific legislation has the Senator sponsored? Summarize what the Legislation was about. (If she has sponsored several, choose 1). 5. What issues and policies have the Senator focused on recently? Choose 1 and summarize her stand on it. There are 23 female senators in office right now (in the U.S. Senate, NOT in the senates of individual states). You can access the Senator’s own congressional website by searching her name.  you can use other sources as well as long as they offer reliable information. Page requirements: 3-5 pages double-spaced), including a Works Cited or Reference Page with 3-5 academic sources formatted in MLA or APA style. All writing assignments must be typed and properly cited using MLA or APA documentation style of writing if outside sources are used. MLA or APA Documentation: Follow the MLA or APA style of documentation (parenthetical notations and works cited), because you must provide attribution for any ideas that are paraphrased and for quotations taken from the textbook, websites, news articles, etc. If you are not familiar with MLA or APA style, the MLA or APA handbook is available in the library for your reference.

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