Mental Health recovery case study

Assignment #2: Mental health recovery case study Value: 30% of final grade Format: Essay (6-8 pages) Students are to choose an existing community or institutional mental health program or practice and analyze it in terms of its potential for, adoption or embodiment of mental health recovery principles. For example, specialized mental health courts, community mental health programs, ACT teams, or practices such as case management, use of restraints, medication management etc. Students should make sure to learn about and describe the program well enough to provide evidence of its recovery orientation/philosophy and to critique/analyze it.

Interviews cannot be part of the research done for this project as this would violate the research ethics process at Seneca College. All research should be web-based and from gray literature, and scholarly literature if available. Evaluation Rubric: Criteria Points Demonstration of understanding of recovery philosophy and analysis/application of material 10 Quality/credibility of external research 5 Professional Presentation Use/integration of relevant course materials 5

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