The history of Spain in the United States

First, think about Spanish history in the U.S. What do you know about how much influence Spain had on the early development of what later would become the U.S.? Take some time to research the early settlements starting from the 1500s, and how they shaped history, especially in the southwest. It helps to know that the settlements in Florida were short lived, but you’ll find an extensive history of the Spanish colonies in New Mexico and California. Second, view a map of the U.S. without the boundaries of the fifty states. Remember, this Spanish history began before the original 13 British colonies were established. This map should show the exploration and development of the settlements throughout each colony. Please note, for example, the colony of New Mexico included the whole region of what we know as New Mexico and Arizona, and parts of three other states. Third, within the colonies, make note of the settlements and explorations that you find in your research. Also, make note of specific places of importance, like the many missions established in California, and any traditions or beliefs brought from Spain.

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