What are the future prospects for work in Canada?

Write an essay on the topic specified above. This essay requires you to use ideas from the entire course, not just the last two units. Drawing on concepts and information from all course materials enables you to develop an argument about the future of work. You should sketch out your vision of what work will look like in the future and discuss why you take this position. The theories of work that were introduced in Unit 1 will help you to develop a coherent argument about the future prospects of work.

To further develop your core argument, your essay should consider the following issues: Inequality, Insecurity, and the Health Impact of Work Organization of Work and the Question of “Postindustrialism” Globalization of Work Work and the Environment The Impact of Unions on Work and Workers Make specific reference to at least two articles assigned as readings for Units 6 & 7, as well as to the textbook sections for these units. You must also identify and refer to a minimum of three other relevant readings from other units of the course. In addition, you must identify and refer to at least three additional academic articles that you have found through your own library research. You must include citations for any quotations or direct references to specific course materials—you may use endnotes, which is the method used in the course textbook and reader. You must also include a full bibliography of all materials consulted. For your bibliography, use APA style. Contact your tutor if you have any questions about references and bibliographies.

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