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Employer: 1. Location (source) 2. Head Office (source) *Not appropriate if same as above. 3. Description of products / services / specialization (source) Key figures: 1. Number of employees (source) 2. Sales volume or Operating Budget (source) 3. Share price (if publicly traded) 4. Any other substantial figure about that employer specifically (source) History: Get company history through website, other internet research, and information interviews. 1. Year established (source) 2. Milestones / Challenges (source) 3. In the news (source) 4. Advertising, marketing, or promotion campaign (source) Outlook: What are the plans for the future? Is the company contracting or expanding, are there emerging market opportunities? 1. In the news; recent, and POSITIVE (source) 2. Research the market – expanding or contracting? Explain. (sources) 3. Direction (source) Is there a strategic plan for the organization? If so, what direction are they going in. 4. MANDATORY: Explain how you are capable of helping them succeed via your area of focus or specialization. Research details: Using the template below as a guide, conduct substantial research on an employer, and organize the findings clearly in the categories outlined. 15 criteria are indicated and they fall within 4 distinct headings. please follow all of the following instructions: 1. Complete 10 of the 15 criteria (one is mandatory) to reasonably inform yourself about an employer, to be able to speak knowledgeably about the employer in an interview 2. Provide information for each section in an organized manner 3. Indicate the source of the information always 4. presenting findings for each criterion in an organized and clear manner so that an interviewer could review it quickly and be impressed; and the source of your research as indicated. it must be presentation/professionalism – is it professionally presented and visually appealing for competitive presentation. you can use great resource is Canadian Company Capabilities Database, which can be found by searching it on Google, to access this Industry Canada website that holds profile information or 60,000 Canadian businesses. please use pictures and logo of the comapny to make it more fomal research .

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