Data as a participant observer.

Restaurant ethnography or the culture of eating out is a unique experience that we often take for granted. Similarly, cultural cuisine and how we prepare our meals and consume them as a family is a unique experience that varies from community to community. In this assignment i am tasked with trying two new cuisines that are different from primary culture. You do not have to go to a restaurant. But you must find two new cuisines and be a willing participant observer. Use the field notes template and take note of your surroundings, the atmosphere, the socialization, the food and the overall experience. You are responsible for gathering data as a participant observer. Assume the role of a principle investigator to gather data which will be used in your writing assignments. You can choose activities that cost money or are free to the public. There are many free activities in the O’Fallon, St. Peters, St. Charles and greater St. Louis area, it is your responsibility to find them. It is also your responsibility to attend the activity, participate in the activity, collect data about the activity and report on the activity.

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