Mental Health Disorder: Hoarding.

The Prezi or PPT should have at slides including the reference page slide.

 Fully define a mental health disorder, treatment modalities and family education, role of the nurse, and use of the nursing process. Each of the parts of the nursing process should be discussed including signs/symptoms from the assessment. List several nursing diagnoses and choose one to focus on and explain why you chose it.

The outcomes/goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely), the nursing interventions should be ACT (assess, care and teach), and provide an explanation of how your goal is met.

Need copy of scholarly articles used.


Mental Health Disorder:  Hoarding.



Prezi or PPT includes a description with definition, signs and symptoms, treatment, role of the nurse, and use of the nursing process. 

Quality of the Prezi or PPT is well made, colorful and has thoughtful details.

Paper includes all areas, such as definition of the disease, signs and symptoms, and treatment modalities and family teaching. 

Explain the each of the 5 parts of the nursing process (choose 1 diagnosis to create nursing plan and include SMART and ACT) 

Use of APA format and grammar 20-16 points 15-11 points 10-5 points  

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