New Environments Experimental Observation Exercise

Your task is to go by yourself (you may not take anyone with you) to a place you have not been before and observe what you see (and participate, if appropriate). The activity you observe needs to be an aviation activity or environment such as aircraft manufacturing, an airport, airline office, air traffic control (ATC), aircraft maintenance activity (FBO, maintenance repair overhaul (MRO), or component repair), crop dusting, military flying unit, or even a supplier of aircraft parts. Please note that these two conditions (doing something you have not done before and doing it by yourself) are important. Do not choose a setting where you would feel like an intruder into someone’s privacy. In some situations, you may need to get permission to observe the group. You may take notes during your experience, but do not do so in a way that may make those around you uncomfortable. Use your good judgment. Do not place yourself into a situation that is physically dangerous to you. Choose a setting that you truly want to learn about. After your field experience, you will write a 1-2 page report that includes: Date and address of where the experience took place. Length of time you were there. Brief description of the setting. Your reaction to the situation in terms of your behavior/feelings (express what your feelings/emotions are amongst the individuals). The reaction of the other individuals toward you (express what the other individuals might have felt to have you among them). Explain what this experience teaches you about being different from others in your environment. Explain how such an experience might influence your development if you were to live or work in such a setting for a major portion of your life. Relevance of theory and readings in any of the texts. Concluding comments.

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