Marriott International Case Study

 4 questions that each require 5 or more paragraphs to answer. The attached file is the primary reference, outside references should also be used. Question 1 Do you believe Marriott has a competitive advantage? What is it? Is it a sustained competitive advantage? What makes it “sustained”? What is Marriott’s strategy? Is it a successful strategy considering the competition? Are they being proactive? (minimum requirements: 5+ paragraphs) Question 2 Conduct an External Analysis of the following forces: (1) Economic, (2) Social, Cultural, Natural Environment, (3) Political, Governmental, & Legal, and (4) Technological for Marriott International. Make sure to use the tables associated with each force to develop your answer (tables 3-1 – 3-4). Identify how each force impacts Marriott’s competitiveness in the Hotel industry. (minimum requirements: 5+ paragraphs) Question 3 Conduct a Five Forces analysis for Marriott International. What does Rivalry look like for Marriot? Who are Marriott’s strongest competitors? What are possible substitutes in this industry? What is the bargaining power of buyers? What is the bargaining power of suppliers? How strong are the barriers to entry into this industry? Make sure to analyze each of the Five forces in depth. (minimum requirements: 5+ paragraphs) Question 4 Recommend at least 4 specific strategies and long-term objectives. Show how much your recommendations will cost. *Do not make broad generalizations, be specific by stating, what, why, when, how, where and who (as applicable). Avoid recommending a course of action beyond an organization’s means, be realistic. Give ample justifications for your recommendations. (minimum requirements: 4+ paragraphs)

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