Teen pregnancy, school dropouts, or youth violence

Individual Focus Topic:

teen pregnancy, school dropouts, or youth violence. Instructions: 1. Choose and provide a hypothesis and 5 research question to pose on the topic from above. 2. Conduct literature review 3. Identify 3 independent and 3 dependent variables dealing with your topic. 4. Propose research methods that could be used to investigate the question, justify the choice, and work toward a short description of a research design. There are several methods that sociologists use to do research: – participant observation – survey research – use of official records or interviews – statistical analysis of qualitative data 5. Discuss the issues that might arise in conducting and reporting the research. 6. Discuss how the research could be used. POWERPOINT SLIDE 1 Include your name, course information, and your research topic SLIDE 2 Include Hypothesis (question 1) SLIDE’S 3-7 Include Research Questions (question 1) SLIDE 8 Include information from question 2 SLIDE’S 9-11 Include information from question 3 SLIDE 12 Include information from question 4 SLIDE 13 Include information from question 5 SLIDE 14 Include information from question 6

#Teen #pregnancy #school #dropouts #youth #violence

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