Music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance – Listening & Writing

Movies set in the Middle Ages or Renaissance often include scenes in which feature music of worship or entertainment (some examples: Robin Hood, Braveheart, Elizabeth I, Shakespeare in Love). Choose one scene from one film and write about the music that you hear. What instruments do you hear? What are the melodies, textures, and rhythms like? How is the music used in the context of the story? Discuss any ways in which you believe the composer to have suited the music to the time period. Likewise, are there ways in which the music is historically anachronstic (or out of time). Do you hear instruments (such as the piano or saxophone) or instrumental ensembles (such as a full symphony orchestra) that did not emerge until a music later time? Your paper should include, at a minimum, three paragraphs organized as follows: Paragraph 1: identification of the film scene you will discuss, the name of the composer of the film music, and a brief explanation of the setting Paragraph 2: a description of the music that you hear, including discussion of at least three fundamental musical elements, correctly using as many important musical terms as you can Paragraph 3: reflection on how the music helps portray the drama, linking as well as you can specific musical style to the events being depicted.

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