Book review of Transforming Labour: Women and Work in Post-War Canada,

Since the review will be short, you will have to think carefully about what the main points of the book really are, and avoid everything that is not absolutely essential to the arguments presented in the book. Your review should present the key arguments made in the book, and say whether they are empirically well-supported and developed in a consistent way.


You should feel free to be critical in your review. If there are things that you find inconsistent, claims that are not supported empirically, points made that do not contribute to the main line of arguments, if you find the book repetitive or poorly written, say so. Being critical is not about denouncing the book under review or its author; it is about coming to a deeper understanding of what you read. As a rule of thumb, uncritical reading leads to superficial understanding, and critical reading leads to deeper understanding and encourages further thought.

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