Health Economics and Analysis

These are some potential topics that you may wish to consider exploring in your paper. However, you are more than welcome to explore/come up with topics on your own that do not encompass this list.

a. Healthcare implications of the opioid epidemic:

i. Opioid-related mortality has been particularly high among the middle aged non-Hispanic White population with less than a college degree compared to other racial/ethnic groups. What factors/mechanisms can help explain this disparity? ii. Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) has been increasing in the United States. However, in many states substance use among pregnant women is considered a criminal offense. This has caused many pregnant women to avoid seeing health care providers for fear of being prosecuted and/or losing custody of the child. What are some implications of these criminal justice focused prenatal substance use polices on the rates of infants born with NAS?

b. Provider reimbursement for mental health services: i. The literature has documented evidence that mental health service providers (psychologist, psychiatrist) are reimbursed at a lower rate compared to other medical professionals/specialists for the same type of services provided to patients. In addition, many individuals with mental health conditions have reported difficulties in finding a specialized mental health provider for treatment that would accept their health insurance. Is low reimbursement of mental health providers related to the low acceptance rate of health insurance by them?

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