Select at least two medications

You will select an article from an academic, peer reviewed journal on any of the topics that were presented as case studies. For example you may select the topic of CHF, Diabetes, Hypertension, etc.

You will select at least two medications to research that pertain to the chosen topic

The following questions require a response which you will incorporate into your paper:

What does the nurse need to know about the medications listed and why?


Category/special administration requirements ( i.e before meals vs. after meals), med not to be mixed with/calcium products etc.

How do the medications relate to the disease discussed in the article? (Expected actions)

What actions may the nurse need to take into consideration to the meds and why? (Vital signs; within 30 minutes of meals.)

What does the patient need to know about the medications identified in the article? i.e. (Keep in a dark container)

Identify four (4) teaching points that would lead toward better compliance with the identified meds.

How do you feel you could participate in providing quality care to an assigned patient with the identified diagnosis (es)?

What adverse actions would you look for when administering these medications?

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