We have been working with learning theories focused on behaviorism to

You have already completed mini-assignments which will help you complete this paper. These assignments include Behaviorism, Social Learning, and Conditioning. You can reference these assignments in Canvas to help you with this paper. Outline: Section 1: Introduction Begin with a general overview of the topic (behaviorism) and relate background information, tell a brief story, propose a question, define a key term, present an example, or draw an analogy. The final sentence must be the thesis statement (what you are writing about). Do not say, “In this paper, I will…” or “This paper will be about…” Section 2: Learning Theories and Plans of Action Body Paragraph 1: Explain what behaviorism, social learning, classical conditioning, and operant conditioning are. Explain how students learn and grow with these theories and what students have to do to learn/grow. Explain if the theories are still relevant today, or if they have changed across ages and cultures. Body Paragraph 2: Explain how you’ve learned from social learning in the past. Explain how you will use social learning and/or what you learned from the Social Learning Activity to improve in the future. If you’ve already taken action and have seen improvements, tell about it. Body Paragraph 3: Explain how you’ve learned from classical and operant conditioning in the past. Explain how you will use classical and/or operant conditioning and/or what you learned from the Conditioning Activity to improve in the future. If you’ve already taken action and have seen improvements, tell about it. Before and after each body paragraph, you will need to add transitions linking the paragraphs together. Section 3: Conclusion These are your final words on the topic. What do you want your reader to remember? You may want to conclude this paper by looking into the future. Now that you know this information, how will your life be different 5 years from now if you follow through with your plans? Do not use “In conclusion,” in this paragraph. Do not say “In this paper, I …” or “My paper has been about…” in this paragraph. Requirements: 5 well-developed paragraphs MLA format – double spaced with header, heading, 12 pt Times New Roman This paper is your own and should not be researched. Therefore, there should be no quotes or paraphrasing, so a Works Cited should not be included.

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