Assignment 6: The Judicial System in England and China

The website for the Judiciary of England and Wales provides an interesting page where you can read about some typical cases and decide what sentence you would pass. You hear the case, you decide the sentence, and then you see how your sentence compares with the actual sentence passed in this realistic simulation of the sentencing process. Click on the “You be the Judge” and listen to the case and then write down what you think is the appropriate sentence. Write a few paragraphs that compare your sentence to the one actually imposed. Explain why you think there were differences or similarities in the sentences.

Review the page that details China’s trial system. Scroll down to the section titled “The Fundamentals of China’s Judicial System,” where you will find information about open trials and, just below that section, the defense system. Write a paragraph explaining the types of cases that are not open to the public and another paragraph that explains who is eligible to defend the accused.





Click on the “You be the Judge


Review the page that details China’s trial system.

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