Describe Bob Fischer’s analysis of the precautionary principle

2. The precautionary principle states that “When human activities may lead to morally unacceptable harm that is scientifically plausible but uncertain, actions shall be taken to avoid or diminish that harm.” Either: Describe Bob Fischer’s analysis of the precautionary principle arguments in favour of veganism, and critically analyse Fischer’s argument; or Present and critique an argument that climate change is a morally unacceptable harm, such that the precautionary principle provides us with reason to act to avoid or diminish the harm it causes. – Note: If answering the question about Fischer, you should be careful to disambiguate different versions of the precautionary principle.

Be clear as to which version you are engaging with when you critically analyse Fischer’s argument. – If answering the climate change question, you have much more scope to introduce your own research than in the other questions – if you are unsure whether what you want to talk about is sufficiently on topic, *ask* us.

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