Simulation of the Impact of the Autonomous and Connected Vehicles at a

Paper topic: Simulation of the Impact of the Autonomous and Connected Vehicles at a signalized intersection Please write the introduction that focus only in the safety and traffic congestion, and how the Autonomous Vehicles can increase safety and reduce congestion compare with the conventional vehicles. the introduction should not be very long. ………………………………………………………

Please write very long Literature Review about the Autonomous vehicles. Please review what other people have done in researches in this topic about the Autonomous Vehicles. It is not just a summarizing what other done, but more about reviewing what other did in the same field of the Autonomous vehicles, and how did they get the results from the experiments for the Autonomous vehicles, and what results they came up with, and what methodology did they have in their researches. How did they found out that the Autonomous vehicles can reduce the congestion. Use tables or graphs if needed. Please use a Civil Engineering aspect while writing this paper. And write more about Congestion and Safety please. write about Traffic delay, Queue delay, Queue length, and congestion that happen in the roads and intersections, and how all of that could be decreasing when we use the Autonomous vehicles.

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