The ____ property is the HTML table property that sets the amount of

The ____ property is the HTML table property that sets the amount of space between table cells.

cell padding

cell spacing





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Question 2

With the color scheme and page layout determined, the final step in developing your design plan is to specify the ____ you will use.

splash page



image map

navigation system


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Question 3

Critical Thinking Questions
Case 4-1

You and your sister have just opened your own professional Web design firm. Your first client, Dr. Snodgrass, wants you to develop a new Web site for her dentistry practice.

During your initial meeting, Dr. Snodgrass insists that the new Web site’s color scheme conform to her practice’s branding specifications for use of color. You suggest that she ____.

a. create a storyboard of the site’s color scheme

c. bring you samples of the company’s print media as examples of the branding specifications for color

b. forget about following her practice’s branding specifications for color; the Web is a new environment where old rules don’t apply

d. write down the colors that you can use in the color scheme


HTML EditorKeyboard Shortcuts





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Question 4

Using color alone is a good way to format a text link.




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Question 55 pts

In word processing, a style is a group of formatting properties applied as a group to selected text.



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