“The Three Listening Modes”

 (“The Three Listening Modes”), building on the theoretical foundations laid by Jonathan Sterne in “Sonic Imaginations.” You will also read about the soundscape and our acoustic environment. “A King Listens” and The Conversation take as their central protagonist(s) a character who is consumed and defined by his listening. Select either the “King” or Harry Caul, and think about how their listening is represented. What are these characters like? What is the context for their listening? What is their relationship to their soundscape? What mode(s) of listening do they employ within it? Once you have described the character and soundscape, and given an overview of the listening in the film, draw connections between your chosen representation of listening and the readings and lecture. What point(s) do you think the author or filmmaker is trying to make by incorporating the act of listening as a central theme? Can you connect the depiction of listening to theories we’ve covered? The audiovisual litany? Plato’s Republic? Homer’s Odyssey? You need not build your response around a thesis or argument. Show a good-faith attempt to apply the concepts we’re learning to the story or the film. These concepts are tools to help you explore the meanings in the story or the film, so use the vocabulary provided by at least one of the following thinkers in your response: Sterne, Chion, Blesser/Salter, Schafer.

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