Airport Hotel Analyse data V2

Jane has identified two possible replacement room thermostats which she hopes can reduce the variation in room temperature to within 1°C of the temperature chosen by the guest. Before she buys them she has decided to measure the variation recorded by each type of thermostat when it is placed in a room at a steady 21°C temperature. The data can be found in the worksheet Airport Hotel Analyse data V2.xlsx, in the worksheet “Thermostat Comparison”.

GB11: How would you show Jane the results of her test graphically, bearing in mind she is interested in variation? Which Hypothesis Test would you use to verify that any difference in variation is statistically is significant? What are your Null and Alternative Hypotheses for the test selected?

GB12: What do you conclude from the experiment? Which thermostat should she purchase? BB3: Is there evidence to suggest that the average temperatures in the rooms, as determined by the two thermometers, is above or below 21°C? 

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