Data, Info, Knowledge Paper

Using the readings from Week 2, how would you define the key concepts of data, information, and knowledge. Your paper should compare and contrast the characteristics of the terms as described in the textbook and the Zins (2007) article. Select and present the 3 – 4 most useful or understandable definitions for each term from the readings. Your paper should conclude with YOUR (synthesized) definition for each of the three concepts.

You are to compare and contrast the “characteristics of the terms” not to compare and contrast the textbook to the Zins article. Your deliverable should be a 3-4 (max) page double spaced (use normal headers, footers and margins=1″, Font=Times or Ariel, Size=12) Word document which addresses requirements of the assignment. A cover page and List of Works Cited (or Reference List) are required but are NOT included in the page count for the paper. Abstracts for short papers are not required unless specifically called for in the assignment details. Use APA Style for citations, quotations, and reference list page (not included in final page count). The assignment is worth 20 points and 10% of your final grade.

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