Explain how the marketing mix could change if a specific alternative

Current Situation Briefly summarize the pertinent facts or details of the case. Key Issues This is where the main issues or problems of the case are defined. In some of the cases, there are many issues or problems that may exist but are sometimes just outcomes of a main issue or problem. That main issue or problem must be determined. SWOT Analysis This is a traditional SWOT Analysis where the internal and external environmental factors for the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are identified from the information given in the case. This may be written in bullet form or in narrative format. Alternatives Identify at least 3 alternatives with numeric bullets.

Alternative 1 for all the cases will be “do nothing” and hope for the best results if the situation or issues identified earlier are allowed to continue as they are now. When determining alternatives, you should determine how the identified threats can be turned into opportunities and/or how the identified weaknesses can be turned into strengths. Alternatives do need to be logical and feasible to the situation defined. You are actually developing strategic and tactical actions to be taken to resolve or strengthen key issues. Write complete, clear, concise sentences for each alternative. Critical Issues In this section each of the alternatives should be evaluated in terms of the 4 Ps (marketing mix) if a product or service is involved (which all cases will). Explain how the marketing mix could change if a specific alternative is chosen. Include both the pros and cons of the alternative (advantages and disadvantages). How does each alternative support the company’s objectives or resolve the primary situation of the case. Recommendations After critically analyzing each alternative, choose the one alternative that would best address the key issues listed earlier in the case study. Explain in detail why the specific alternative was chosen and how it will resolve or strengthen the key issue (you have done this in your analysis of each alternative). Write this section in paragraph form. Go into more in-depth about how the alternative will impact the company.

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