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 Description Yousif Hantosh Professor Rhodes English 3 AP January 15 2019 Rising of The Premier League The Premier league is a soccer league located at England, It consists of 20 teams playing against each other in order to win the League cup. The first 4 teams of the league table qualifies to a special league called Champions league, It’s a league were the top of the teams from each leagues go all out and win a better trophy. The last 3 teams of the Premier league get relegated from the premier league. What relegations means that if you’re one of the last three teams then you get assigned to a lower league. If one of the teams in Premier league during the end of the season, managed to reach fifth place in the league table you get to be automatically qualified for the Europa League. On the other hand sixth and seventh place get qualified for the round stages of the Europa league which means it doesn’t guarantee their spot on the Europa league. People say that the Bundesliga, La liga, and even the Champions League are the best league that soccer has to offer but honestly Premier league brings out the excitement and unpredictable style that teams provide. Premier League includes teams who’ve been called weak and all of the sudden the so called “weak teams” go out and crush the strong team. The Premier league makes sure that you have an intense feeling of an heart attack due to the fact of how the weak teams go out with a stronger spirit than the other team, by proving there’s no such thing as a strong team. Premier league provides the most challenging moments than any other league because it has shocking moments and a fierce rivalries between all the premier league teams. The fierce rivalries of the premier league is surprisingly increased and now most of the games have a name to be called. As Luka Modric says “The Premier League is the best competition in the world, and it’s not easy to win a league with great teams like Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, and Arsenal as rivals” (Modric). The “Manchester Derby” which “even those of us aren’t from Manchester understand what it means we’re aware of the big rivalry and how important it is to supporters” (Evra). It is one of the biggest rivalry in all of England maybe one of the biggest games in the whole world. What Manchester Derby is it’s a Manchester United versus Manchester City, which both of them are located in Manchester, England. What Manchester derby is a fight between those two teams to make Manchester the color of the winner team club. Manchester City is blue(Cityzens), and for Manchester United is red (Devils). It happens twice a season in the premier league. In the 2018-19 season, Manchester Derby has happened and the results were Manchester is blue as Manchester City have beaten Manchester United in Three to one. Now since Manchester city have defeated Manchester United, Manchester City passed through and no longer have to worry for It’s “Noisy Neighbor” which also secures Man City for their first place getting ahead of their other rivals like Liverpool. The season has been going by and all of the sudden Manchester City are no longer first place as they’ve lost to a big rival named Chelsea as the fans call it the biggest rivalry that premier league has to offer. Since Chelsea have defeated Manchester City it was possible for another team to win the league cup. Reporter have thought “Not so long ago it seemed possible that Manchester City would go unbeaten for the entire season. Now, after three defeats in their last four Premier League games, they appear not just fallible, but rattled”. Later on the season Another rivalry has happened Liverpool vs Manchester City, there is no name for it but these two rivals have made history for the books as this was the most important duel for the league as in if Manchester City beat Liverpool there could be a challenge for the league title, and as the game finished Manchester City have secured a higher chance to win the league as it ended 2-1. But Liverpool has also managed to get history rewritten as they’ve went unbeaten in the whole month of December and never has a team in the premier league were seven points ahead in the league until New Year’s Day. Now Manchester City have beaten their rival Liverpool in order to “reignite the title race”. Premier League has also included shocking moments that if you were to be experiencing the game no matter where you’re watching it from it will be sure to leave you a heart attack. As Premier League includes top managers slacking and with that happening the managers gifts are being sacked. What sacked means is that if you get sacked as a manager you basically get fired from the job because the club owners think that you haven’t done anything useful for the team and doesn’t want to keep harming the club. In the 2018-2019 season a manager named Jose Mourinho also called “The Special one”, has been sacked from Manchester United as “The club currently languishes in sixth place in the league, 19 points behind leaders Liverpool after Sunday’s insipid 3-1 defeat at Anfield”. Everyone would’ve thought that this season was his season but now as reported it shows that Mourinho has gotten the worst ever Premier League start in the history of Premier League “But United’s tally of 26 points after 17 games is its worst at this stage since 1990-01 season, before the inception of the Premier League”. Mourinho back In 2016 season he bought a significant player that could boost his team to aim at first place his name was Paul Pogba. Paul Pogba is a top class french midfielder who played for Juventus which is a team in Serie A located at Turin,Italy. The only issue was that it spent the whole summer in order to get Pogba, they have spent €105 Million just to get Pogba. It shows that Premier Leaguer

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